We want to be part of a competitive, thriving film & television industry. We want to stand up for and promote the interests of all post-production workers, whether freelance or staff, working in film or television.

Here are a few issues we’re tackling. Do let us know what you think about these, and any other areas you’d like us to address.

  • Unpaid overtime. Every hour worked should be paid. No more buyouts. This is just a basic issue of fairness. Ongoing negotiations with PACT are trying to address this.
  • Paid bank holidays. Something wider society takes for granted.
  • Box rental. At the moment we subsidise productions with our own equipment and software, which needs replacing, at our own expense.
  • Hiatuses. Increasingly freelance workers in post-production are being made to take time off (unpaid and often at short notice) during the period of their contract. Currently this only benefits employers. We need to stop this. We should work to agree clear guidelines as to what is an acceptable notice period if being temporarily stood down and how we will be financially compensated.

How do we achieve our goals?


Workers in post-production are disparate. It’s a pretty small industry, many of us know each other, but we’re not together on the shop floor day in day out.

So we need to build a community, we need to make an effort to come together in order for us to have a presence, to provide a voice that gets heard.

By using this website, using social media, by meeting face-to-face regularly, by telling our friends and colleagues what’s going on. Communication is the key.

Why do we need a union?

We’re all busy making a living. None of us has the time to devote themselves to this full-time. However BECTU has dedicated reps whose job it is to advise us and help us state our case.

‘The union never does anything’ is a common phrase you will hear, but union reps don’t work in the film industry, they don’t know the workings of a production the same way we do. They need us to tell them what needs fixing. They respond to what we the members ask of them. So if you’ve never engaged, if you’ve never demanded anything of them, then of course the union is not going to fight your fight, they have plenty of members in other branches already making demands. Like the electricians or the grips, who have had stunning successes.

BECTU can negotiate on our behalf with the big American studios and with Producers in film and television. BECTU can talk directly with HMRC and the Department for Culture on UK Film Policy.

We have a lot more heft if we do this through BECTU.

If you want to know more, contact us via the website or seek us out at Wiff Waff Wednesday.

Who Are We?

We work in post-production, just like you. Between us we have a wealth of experience on all manner of feature film and television productions. Please get in touch if you want to ask us anything

What’s this site for?

We want this site to be a place where everyone working in UK Post Production can keep up to date with everything they need to know about the activities of their BECTU branch, with a calendar of events which may be of interest, minutes or reports from branch meetings or conference, etc.

We encourage as many people as possible to contribute to posts, by submitting articles or ideas, or by commenting on articles. This need not be limited to workplace issues, we encourage content on anything of interest to those working in post-production.

We’ll use this site to take polls and surveys to encourage interaction and to gather information, to inform the actions we take together.

Hopefully this site will become a valuable resource for everyone who works in post-production, and will help us to build a stronger community.