Non shooting crew & workshop crew on films over £30m

If you are working on a £30m+ movie at the moment, please could you do BECTU (and yourselves!) a big favour and complete the following survey on the hours you’ve worked this week. We are in negotiations with PACT to agree a set of terms and conditions which apply specifically to non-shooting crew. The biggest point we’re arguing is that the standard day for post workers should be shorter than for shooting crew, because of the highly focussed nature of the work we do. To back this up, we need data. Here’s the text of the BECTU mailshot:

The Workshop Hours Survey is now open!

The survey will ask you questions about the hours you worked this week, as well as your traditional hours.

We will use the data collected to try and negotiate a change of hours on contracts under the Pact / Bectu Major Motion Picture (£30m plus) agreement.

This is relevant to all workshop (non shooting) crew who work on films over £30m.

Attached is a poster with a link to the survey. Please put it up in your kitchens, corridors, print rooms, loos, etc. The survey can be completed by anyone, not just BECTU members.

You can help us by doing the survey yourself and forwarding this email to anyone else you know who works outside of the shooting crew.

The survey will be open until the 18th October.

Many thanks,

BECTU Workshop Group Committee