Creative Skillset High End TV Drama Skills Levy

Are you working on a High End TV Drama? Could your cutting room use a trainee?

If so there's a chance your production could provide you with one at very little additional cost. If they are contributing to the Skillset high end levy they will have access to 48 weeks worth of trainees across their departments. Chances are that they may have used their quota already for make up and costume trainees.

As these departments crew up first they often nab the full trainee quota for themselves. However, if you're about to start a job and know the post supervisor, get in touch with them and ask them to push for your department to get a trainee from Skillset.

If you'd like to know more about the scheme read Skillset's own words:




As part of the consultation with government on High End TV tax relief, the TV drama industry, represented by the TV Coalition, agreed to implement the voluntary High End TV Drama Skills Levy with the intention of creating a sustainable funding legacy which would be used to directly support the next generation of High End TV talent. To achieve this, it was agreed that all High End TV drama productions intending to take advantage of the UK High End TV Tax Relief would be asked to contribute to the skills levy which Creative Skillset would then manage. In establishing and managing the skills levy, Creative Skillset set up the High End TV Council as governance and Creative Skillset works closely with the Council to identify key training needs, set priorities and to develop relevant training programmes.

Over 90% of High End TV productions comply with paying the levy, including such productions as Sherlock, Humans and Outlander. The five major UK broadcasters support the levy on both in-house and commissioned production, along with US companies such as HBO, Fox and ABC.




Eligible productions contribute 0.5% of the production's UK core expenditure (in sterling), up to a maximum contribution of £40,860 (the cap increases each year in line with RPI). High End TV productions can choose to pay their contribution in full on the first day of principal photography, alternatively they can pay in two halves, on the first and last day of principal photography. The earlier you commit to contributing to the High End TV Drama Skills Levy, the more opportunities your production could benefit from. It does not have to coincide with your application for tax credit.




There are a range of funding opportunities open to High End TV production companies to invest in training that addresses the priority skills needs. The current opportunities that HETV Drama Skills Levy contributing productions can access are Trainee Finder and the Make A Move Drama Fund.




A service that matches a cohort of selected trainees with High End TV productions across the UK. The scheme aims to supply the new generation of talent, capable of world-class creative content. Taking on trainees through Trainee Finder enables you to claim back 50% of their expenses allowance for the duration of their placement on your production. The trainees also take part in an intensive pastoral care programme to ensure a fully rounded training plan.

For more information about the High-end TV Levy Fund, please contact or call 020 7713 9800.

Alternatively, check Creative Skillset's website on how TV Dramas are benefitting from the Levy.