TV Drama Agreement Launch

On the 1st December the new Terms and Conditions Agreement made between PACT and BECTU comes into force. This means any production starting on or after December 1st is bound by the agreement. BECTU have released a statement today encouraging everyone to do their bit in spreading the word about what the agreement means. From a post production branch point of view the highlights are:

  • A deal memo given to every employee at the start of their contract. This will state, amongst other things, your working hours and overtime rate, should you work beyond them.
  • From now on productions must tell all employees which budget band their production is in. This can then be used against our newly formatted rate cards to see what your MINIMUM rate should be. The budget bands are:
  1. A - up to £850,000
  2. B - £850,000 - £3 million
  3. C  - £3 million +
  • BECTU have set up a hotline email address for any members with queries about the agreement and its implementation. Its VITAL that anyone experiencing a production NOT adhering to the agreement should email this address in confidence to let BECTU know the details of the production, so they can take it up with PACT and get any non compliance issues resolved.

The initial implementation probably won’t be 100% smooth, but together we can make sure that we hit the floor running.

For more information about the agreement, please go to

The Agreement & Deal Memo (at the end of the main agreement) can be found here

If members have any questions as a result of working under this agreement, please send them to

The BECTU PP&F Branch