BECTU and the Post Production & Facilities Branch are delighted to welcome Post Sound to the union. 

On the 31st of July a meeting for Post Production Sound workers convened at a Sound Social event at Jigsaw in Golden Square. Attendance was high with around eighty men and women from a variety of disciplines, both freelance and facility employees, within Post Production.

Paul Evans from BECTU gave a presentation explaining the existing PACT agreements to show what current regulations exist and what other areas of film production have negotiated with the help of the Union. 

The groundswell of feeling was for change in the nature of our employment terms and conditions, but it was apparent we have to form a more cohesive community within the Post Sound world and that a united front is paramount to enable change.

Following the meeting a significant number of attendees signed up to the Union joining the already existing members. For the first time in many years there is a genuine opportunity for clarity and unity.

Post Sound Meeting
Paul Evans with Post Sound

Have a listen to the podcast recorded below of the meeting


A few members of the sound community got together and came up with what we believe to be the most pressing issues affecting us all in the Post Sound world. We now need you to take the survey below to help us gauge their importance to you. Please add any issue you think we’ve missed to the comments box. This survey will be the starting point for the creation of our Post Sound manifesto, which in turn will determine which issues we push to achieve in the PACT contract renegotiations.

  • Minimum half wages retainer for hiatus

  • 6th consecutive day worked @ 1.5x daily rate

  • 7th consecutive day worked @ 2x daily rate

  • 6 working hours maximum duration between meal breaks

  • Travel and kit set up days chargeable @ 1/2 a day

  • Evening meal provided if working past 8pm

  • 9+1 hr day (eg 9am-7pm with a 1 hour lunch break)

  • Post 10 hour day moves into overtime @ 1.5x hourly rate (eg after 7pm)

  • Post 14 hour day moves into overtime @ 2x hourly rate (eg after 11pm)

  • Nine hours minimum turnaround between shifts

  • Minimum 1 weeks notice for hiatus


Photos by Ben Chick