Since 2014, our current Branch Committee has been hard at work improving the working conditions of post-production workers in the UK film and television industry.  

The longer I’ve been a member of BECTU, the more I’ve realised how good it is for all of us.
— Simon Smith, Branch Committee Member 2017

What We've Achieved

  • We’ve set up this website and made a good start at filling it with interesting content (if you have anything to contribute get in touch!)
  • We’ve updated our ratecards
  • We hosted a ‘Rough Assembly Talk’ - a panel discussion featuring top assistant editors, attended by over 100 aspiring editorial crew.
  • We’ve designed and manufactured some beermats to distribute to facilities to get the word out there
  • We’ve run competitions.
  • We’ve had regular Wednesday lunchtime get-togethers in Soho.
  • We’ve rejigged our branch slightly so that sound editors are now included, rather than being in the ‘sound’ branch with sound recordists.
  • We hosted a ‘Tax Talk’ with tax guru Tony Lennon, giving advice about how changes in tax legislation will affect freelancers / limited companies.
  • We have sent delegates to the PACT / BECTU TV drama negotiations, which have resulted in a new set of terms and conditions. Every branch has been involved in these talks, but we’ve had reps there to make sure our voices are heard.
  •  We’ve also sent delegates to the PACT / BECTU feature film negotiations, which are ongoing.
  • We’ve set up a Facebook group, which has over 500 members.
  • We have Instagram and Twitter feeds.
  • We’ve sent delegates to the London Production Division Committee (the next layer up in the union, where all the branches get together to discuss matters)
  • One of our committee is on the NEC (National Executive Committee) (the top layer of the union) to make sure our concerns are represented there.
  • We’ve sent delegates to the BECTU sector conference, to keep abreast of what’s what’s happening at a national level.


Members of BECTU are offered a wide range of services and benefits including:

  • Early Bird service - a comprehensive listing of upcoming film and TV productions, complete with start dates and important contact details.
  • Discounts to Sheffield Doc Fest and BFI Membership.
  • 24 hour/365 day legal helpline. Offers free initial legal advice on all non-employment legal matters, plus much more.
  • Public Liability Insurance for up to £10m - for any time you accidentally spill you morning coffee on that expensive mixing desk.
  • Discounts in health services from organisations such as Harley Street Hearing and Osteopathic Healthcare through BECTU's scheme with the University College of Osteopathy's Clinic Community Partnership.

Check BECTU's website some more detail on membership benefits and services